Monday, July 23, 2012

Half Bath Revamp

My half bath was a small dark dungeon. . . Well I thought so.  I wanted to lighten the space up without having to paint it all over again.  I was inspired with the molding that I saw at a local Parade of Homes you can check out the home video here:

So with some inspiration I got to work:

The trick with spacing the molding was using a paint stick.  I left the back wall painted the brown because I wanted to spaces in the molding to pop.  I love how it turned out!  With all the finishing touches here is how it came out.  In addition adding the mirror and frames I previously made over!

I hope that you are inspired!  This project took me about 6 hours and total spent was $100.  Another project off the check list . . 


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Closet Revamp

When starting this project I thought I might have been crazy for repainting my entire closet . . but in the end I am so glad that I did!  Who says where you dress has to be ugly . . to be honest it makes me feel a little more beautiful!  Here is my messy, crowded, and small master closet:


The checklist:
  • Paint shelves and walls
  • Add wall trim with hooks
  • Add more shelves for shoes
  • Spray paint wood rods
  • Add numbers to baskets
  • organize!


 What a difference!  The extra shelves and the hooks on the wall allow for more storage.  The not so small closet feels not so small anymore!