Thursday, June 21, 2012


I finally tried it: Glazing.  In part of my bathroom re-do I wanted to give my old Pier 1 mirror a face lift.  I picked up some spray paint and Martha Stewart glaze ($5) at Home Depot.  Then I got to work spraying it, then glazing the edges.




The glazing is about as simple as its always been.  Brush on then wipe off.  I found this video to help me:

Just a few more additions them my bathroom will be ready to reveal.

Monday, June 18, 2012

DIY Book Page Artwork

I needed some artwork to go in my fabric matte frames . .but something that would not be too busy.  I got my inspiration from this pottery barn magazine page:

All you need for this extremely easy DIY project is:

  • Vintage book
  • Printer
  • Silhouette image
  • Frame

I found these images online:

Then I formatted them to print where I wanted on the page, actually found that lightening the image to gray looked better and last by not least ran the book page through my printer to end up with this:

The possibilities are endless with this . . printing flowers, numbers and letters as art work!

This is the first step in my bathroom make over . . stay tuned for the full reveal!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Open Storage Organization

Enjoy this great guest post:

Hello, everyone! It's Mari here for Design Shuffle, a fabulous social networking community where interior designers and design enthusiasts can share their interest in the world of interior design.† As part of my job, I often have the wonderful opportunity to visit lovely blogs like My Suite Bliss to share some of the great decorating ideas I've discovered. Those ideas sometimes include organization because storage can be beautiful as well as functional. Today's guest post is about organizing on shelves. We've found lots of clever and decorative ways to get organized and stay that way by using shelves. For your inspiration:


This well-organized closet is totally color-coordinated and looks amazing. I love the orange boxes. Hermes maybe? But, my favorite idea seen here is turning shelves into cubbies for T-shirts and tank tops.


 In this vintage kitchen, open shelves hold white dinnerware and serving pieces ready for entertaining. Subway tile adds interest behindthe shelving.


 An eclectic array of books and found objects are displayed in this pretty white office space. I love the Panton chair and round zebra rug. Vintage hatboxes add interest on the top shelf.


 To be functional and beautiful, shelves need not span the wall. These small white ones look pretty and hold a few decorative objects and boxes for storage.


 Do I hear a chorus of be still my heart. This gorgeous shelving and its contents could make a girl swoon. With linens this glamorous, who could tuck them away in a closet? I love the textured storage boxes. I think I'll make this bedroom design mine. 


 Here we have a dream linen closetómeticulously organized and beautifully color-coordinated. I'm in love--again.


 Speaking of dream organization, is it really possible to organize a kitchen pantry to this degree of perfection? It might be difficult to pull an item and disturb this beauty.

 Here, just one shelf under a table provides a perfect place to keep current reading obsessions at the ready. The hand-sewn carryalls add beautiful warm color and great texture to this interior design. 
Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Living Room Inspiration Board

Since I took those few months off from projects around the house . . My mind was been constantly dreaming of what to do next!  In addition to the bedroom re-do I dreamed up, I have come up with a Living room re-do.  
My husband wants to add a little leather to the room and I want to add chairs to make the space feel more open then of course you just have to change everything to make it work! Take a look at the inspiration board I came up with:

1. Seabury Sofa from Pottery Barn $2300
Lumbar Pillow from Pottery Barn $29
Taza Pillow from Crate and Barrel $89
2. Brown Leather Chair from RC Willey $649
3. Lourdes Chadelier from Ballard Design $220
4. Oxford Chair from Overstock $180
5. Jai Drum Table from World Market $99
6. Cronell Square Ottoman from Orient Express $310
7. Scroll Tile Rug from Pottery Barn $599

I would choose a slightly different color for the sofa and of course add the right accessories to make all of those neutral colors work. I hope you like it!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans: Necessary but ugly.  Our Ceiling fan went and unfortunately I cannot sleep without it.  Oh, how I wish I could replace it with a beautiful chandelier . . but not possible.  So I immediately was on the hunt for a fan that wouldn't be a complete eye sore. First take a look at the broken fan, I even painted the blades a few years back to at least make it match our room:

I came across Craftmade and was pleasantly surprised at the fans they had to offer.  This is the fan that I actually wanted but was a little too large for the space:

I decided to go with the Lauren Fan.  It comes in a few different styles they accidentally sent me both so I got to choose!

We decided on going with the second choice.  Just a little bit more simple.  We love our new fan and the fact that it is not the biggest eye sore in the room now!  Stay tuned as in the future we will be addressing some other issues in the bedroom!