Monday, May 21, 2012

Boise Parade of Homes: A designers dream!

I hope that the local Parade of homes has hit your town.  If not I hope that you are making time to stop by and see what its all about!  I look forward to this time of year so that I can drag my husband to all the houses and dream of all the things we don't have. :)  Somewhat true . .but more importantly I get SO inspired with all of the new design ideas I see.  So my brain is full of future home improvement projects.

I wanted to share with you what I had a glimpse of seeing!  
Here you go:

Here is a video walk through of another great home. Pay close attention to the molding that was done around the house. . love it!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Master Bedroom Inspiration Board

I have recently been dreaming of some new projects around the house.  Since I took the last few months off I am ready to get back at it!  I want to start with my Master Bedroom.  I have for months now been dying to add the barn style doors to my bedroom.  With some research and fellow DIY'ers out there, I have found a way to recreate the look for less!  Take a look at this Pinterest idea.

I am going to go to my local second hand store for home supplies to find some old looking doors.  

I also recently picked up this old sewing cabinet as inspiration to my new design: Rustic Elegance.

So here comes my new inspiration board for my master bedroom.  Stay tuned as I try to transform my room!  But first here is where my master bedroom is currently:

The Board:

1. Barn Style Doors
2. Eden upholstered headboard from Orient Express Furniture
3. Cowhide Rug from my local Tandy Leather Factory
4. Alessandra Drape from Pottery Barn
6. Provence Dining Bench from World Market
7. Ashton Double Dresser from Orient Express Furniture