Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans: Necessary but ugly.  Our Ceiling fan went and unfortunately I cannot sleep without it.  Oh, how I wish I could replace it with a beautiful chandelier . . but not possible.  So I immediately was on the hunt for a fan that wouldn't be a complete eye sore. First take a look at the broken fan, I even painted the blades a few years back to at least make it match our room:

I came across Craftmade and was pleasantly surprised at the fans they had to offer.  This is the fan that I actually wanted but was a little too large for the space:

I decided to go with the Lauren Fan.  It comes in a few different styles they accidentally sent me both so I got to choose!

We decided on going with the second choice.  Just a little bit more simple.  We love our new fan and the fact that it is not the biggest eye sore in the room now!  Stay tuned as in the future we will be addressing some other issues in the bedroom!



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  2. It does feel like heaven to sleep in room with good air conditioning. That’s probably the reason why you cannot sleep without your ceiling fan. But the fact that it has become an eye sore in your room is quite annoying. Anyway, I like your new ceiling fan. It looks elegant, and it perfectly fits your bedroom design.

  3. Wow this is such a great Replacement ! Ceiling Fans looks so great !

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