Sunday, January 22, 2012

Small Changes

Sometimes small changes make the biggest difference . . especially when you are yearning for something new and fresh in a room.  I have been feeling like something new in our living room.  First of all here is a wall that we stare at quite often:

Especially on Sunday nights when Once upon a time comes on!  (If you have not seen the show then you need to!)  Back to the change . . All I did was add Hardware to the TV console.  It took a very inexpensive piece of furniture from Target to a whole new level. 

Great isn't it.  What a $12 fix can do!  I like how it broke up all the dark brown colors.

Now to the next small change.  I do have to admit it is not done yet but tomorrow I am going to paint the living room:

I can't wait to see the difference this paint will make!  I have found so much inspiration on Pinterest with light, bright, and airy colors!  I think that light is in.  In addition to the paint we are going to try and get some Paneling up on one of the walls as well . . This is one of my inspirations:

I want to do horizontal paneling like in the picture but am tossing around the idea of Vertical as well. Cant wait to show you when its done!  I hope this inspires you to make some small changes . , in your home!

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