Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pottery Barn knock off shelf!

I have had my eye on this for a long time:

Pottery Barns Vintage Shelf.  I wasn't going to pay $399 . . so let me tell you how I paid only $15 for mine!

1. Searched Craigslist for reclaimed wood and scored with some trim wood pieces for just $15.
2. Begged my husband to make it for me for Christmas.
3. Happy to say I am now enjoying my new ledge!

I wish I could have shown you a picture of the wood before my husband cut and put it together.  But I was too late before I found out he was making it for me. Isn't the transformation great though?!?  After he put it together I just painted it with SW 7050 "useful gray"(which might be my new living room color) then sanded it to get the vintage look. 

the idea with this shelf is to make a mud style room in my hallway (because I don't have a mud room).  I screwed hooks from Home Depot into another great craigslist find of wood trim(less holes in the wall).

Now all I have to do is build my bench and there will be a place for all my things when I come in from work!  I hope you were inspired and I hope you all have or will find a great husband like mine!

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