Friday, January 20, 2012

A Fresh Look

Have you been searching through Pottery Barns Clearance Sale?  Well I wanted to use some of my gift cards I got for Christmas and thought it would go much further on a discounted item.  This is what I bought with my $$$:

I wanted to give my dining room wall a fresh new look so in addition to my new purchase I bought some frames and painted them.  I picked the frames up at Walmart for just $5 each.

And here is everything put together:

Instead of shoes I though I could use the ladder to show case some more of my photos and maybe even drape a magazine across.  I hope this inspires you to update something in your home.


  1. very cute! is that wallpaper on the wall or stencil?

  2. I did stencil this wall . . actually traced it then hand painted it! It took some time. . but I love it!

  3. love, love your style. the wall stenciling is beautiful! just pinned it :)