Saturday, January 7, 2012

Framed Vinyl

Here is another simple project I did over the holidays.  Now this is the ugliest room in the house. . where all of the un-liked furniture goes . . and where I make my messes.  This one day will be the nursery.  (don't ask when we are going to have kids please we get that too often from the elders) So I don't want to paint or spend much money fixing it up.  But since it is where I do my crafts I like it to look somewhat decent.

I had some vinyl cut from and designed it to display my business name.  Adhered it to the wall then added some nifty decorative push pins from Michael's to add more interest.

Then I framed it out with crown molding I picked up from Home Depot.  Take a look:

I also picked up some jewelry chain to hang from a unique hook (found at the fancy farm girls sale) on the wall.

I like how adding the frame made the vinyl appear much larger. I thought about taking some more empty frames and turning this wall into a gallery.  Kind of like this:

Now I need to hit all the second hand stores for some unique frames!

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  1. I looks great! I think adding the frame to the vinyl made it look fabulous:) Love the wall galleries of frames too. I want to try that someday:) Have a great weekend.