Monday, January 9, 2012

A Bedroom Change

We have now been in our house for just over 3 years and I have started to re-do the things(projects) I started with doing.  Does this really mean that every three years my taste is going to change and I want new?  If so I am in trouble! Am I the only one out there with this addiction to decorating?!?

Well I am officially tired of the black in my bedroom and honestly the real contemporary look.  I want to add some vintage flair and stick with all the light neutrals.  So I decided to paint my bedside table to start:

In addition to the colors I wanted to tone down the dark brown head board so I have started adding those nifty decorative push pins from Michael's to look like upholstery tacks around the edge.

P.s. the tacks work great for a inexpensive update but just the amount I have done so far has taken me a few hours. Caution you must be patient with this project . . and I am not!

Next project: to make my husbands night stand look like a smaller version of this:

All the little changes make a big difference.  Maybe its just the small additions that I need to keep me loving my home!  Enjoy!


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