Monday, November 14, 2011

{Christmas Decor}

I am thrilled to share that I have now started decorating for Christmas (and have been listening to the music and watching the movies that go along with the season for weeks now) but we don't need to get into that.
The best day of the year is when I pull down the boxes filled with magic and start decorating for the Christmas Season.  I have had a smile on my face since that day!

I would like to share with you my first project for Christmas.  I will have more projects to come but stay tuned as I will put all of the projects together and show you my transformed home!

I love glitter when it comes to Christmas and this wall is full of Sparkle!  I just love it. Here is what you need to create this same look:

I started by arranging the music sheets on poster board then taping them in place. I traced the trees and then glued and glittered them. I used these handy Velcro hangers to apply the poster board to my wall:

 I then started working on the "Merry Christmas" garland.  I hot glued the letters to the doilies, then attached them to a ribbon with metal clips.  I knotted the ribbon in between the letters to add texture. I also used the Velcro hangers to hang the garland on the wall. No holes! Then I added in snowflakes to make my new wall sing of Christmas!


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