Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Sneak Peek!

I am so excited to share with you a big event in my design world!  HGTV show house showdown came to Boise, ID today and I was there!!!

This is the party that I came upon:

Now I will share with you a few shots that I snapped to get you excited about the episode that will air soon!  p.s. my husband and I were taped so we could just be on TV!!  HGTV design star here I come . . well maybe :)

Now inside . . I Loved this house:
Now aren't you excited to see the rest!

I just loved the barnwood backsplash behind the bed, the arranged frames, the wall paper and the stripes!  The stripes actually reminded me of my stripes in my bedroom:

Hint:  I added white to the extra wall paint to make the different shades on each stripe. It adds more dimension and a subtle graphic pop on the wall.

Then after all the fun I came home to my favorite place . . and when I walked in I was taken over by the scent I love so much and remembered "there is no place like home".

So for another favorite thing:
my scentsy!

"home sweet home" is my favorite scent and you can order it here.

Another sunday afternoon well enjoyed!  Hope you were inspired!

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