Tuesday, July 12, 2011

{House Rules}

I just love how this came together.  I wanted to design something that showed a little bit of what I love and what i want to live by.  I came out with this House rules sign.  I gathered all of my wood scraps and put together this base . . painted it then painted it(again) with a wallpaper design  and placed the Vinyl on top. Thanks again to Janey Mac for cutting the vinyl! Watch out for a free give away of a similar project on my blogs that i like to follow! 
p.s. you know my husband is around when you see sports on the tv!


  1. It's fabulous - I love your rules too!

  2. very pretty! love that paint- martha stewart... I will have to check it out! PS I think your husband is watching Friday Night Lights (or whatever movie that guy is in- though I could be wrong!)!

    found you through Heidi's blog, and I'm addicted now! your entryway wall is GORGEOUS!!!!