Thursday, June 9, 2011

{Pantry Organization}

I think I am just about done with my spring cleaning.  This week I chose to tackle my cluttered Pantry.  Take a look at the before and After's:

What a good feeling it is to have that done!  I got the organizing jars at ikea and placed a lot of my dry goods in them.  A Tip: for the things that need to be cooked I placed a piece of paper under the jar lid of the cooking directions. I got my baskets at Target.  I Painted the Back wall in coastal Jetty by Valspar found at Lowes.  Placed a 1.5 inch mdf trim on the front of my existing shelves to add room for the custom vinyl.  Had my vinyl printed by Janey Mac. I painted Masonite board with black board paint and used upholstery tacks to add detail.. I hung it on the back of my pantry door with extra hold wall tape. This new pantry kind of makes me excited to spend more time in the Kitchen.  We will see how long that lasts :-)

And Love. . .


  1. Yay for you - it looks great! Things seem to go much more smoother when you're organized, eh?

  2. That looks awesome! Where did you get the words on your baking canisters from?

  3. Yes terra cotta with the funky blue/orange/yellow/green tiles and the green counter tops and the window treatments and painted walls looked fabulous at the time. Doesn't matter if it's "in style" so long as it represents the people who live there and it works for their style. And it did work for my style. :) Thank you.