Sunday, April 24, 2011

DIY: Gallery Wall

I love a gallery style wall: full of pictures! Well, If you have a collection of picture frames you can do it!  Just follow some of these easy guidelines to make any style of picture work!

My Rules:
·       You need to find some sort of sequence whether the frames are the same color, there is all white mattes, the picture inside is all B&W or Color, the frames are hung with similar spacing, or the pictures are cohesive with what they are showcasing. Your eye needs to see some sort of balance.
·       I like different textures of frames, if you can’t seem to get them to fit together, paint them!
·       Go outside the box and add in something you like to collect or a monogram! (Shadow boxes are great as well!)
·       Follow these other guidelines from Pottery Barn and also down load a template!
·       Have fun expressing yourself!

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